Terms and Conditions

Thank you for your purchase from Fairylogue Press! By buying from this shop, you agree to the terms and conditions as stated below.

You are responsible for all customs and duty fees. This is because these fees are set by your country, and we have no control over if they are charged or how much those fees are. We will not falsify customs forms, as we very much enjoy not breaking the law.

Please give us a full name when shipping. International packages will not take initials on the customs form or shipping label. Please provide a complete name to ensure that your package gets to you.

If your order is returned for any reason. We may ship out the item again, but we may charge an additional shipping fee since we sent this out once already. If the buyer no longer desires the item, we will refund the item itself but not the shipping fee.

If your item is damaged in transit. If the postal service damages or loses your item, we will be happy to replace it for you.

Oh no, I got the wrong item! Email as soon as possible, and I will be happy to replace it for you. 


When will my order ship? Because of COVID-19, we are reducing the number of trips to the post office for Meg's safety. As such, she is shipping orders once a week. If it is something you need sooner, please email Do not leave a message on the order, as Meg will see her email before she will see the order message.

There are times we run out of stock at the home office or are away at a convention, so that may add to that timeline.

If your order contains two items of vastly different shapes, like an 11x17 print and a Mothman plush, those items will be sent separately to prevent them from being crushed.

Will I get a tracking number? Yes, a tracking number is generated when Meg packages your order. There might be a delay of a day or so before it gets dropped off at the post office. There is also sometimes a tracking delay if the item doesn't get scanned before it starts moving through the system.

What mail service do you use for shipping? We are proud supporters of USPS and very much want to keep them in business.

When will my package arrive? Items shipped within the US can take between 3-5 days to arrive after it's been shipped. Items shipped media mail will arrive in about a week. USPS has been under additional strain lately, so please keep that in mind if your package has not arrived yet.

International orders can take between 2-7 weeks to arrive, depending on how fast your customs processes packages. Please note that once a package has left our cheerful, cat-filled office that we know as much about it as you do. If you package has not arrived after seven weeks, we will replace it.

Do you ship to the United Kingdom? Due to changes in how VAT is handled, the only thing we can now ship to the United Kingdom are our books, as they are not taxable. 

Do you ship to the European Union? Starting July 1, 2021, we will not be shipping plush toys due to stringent, new requirements for such items to enter the EU. All other items remain available for purchase. EU customers will also need to pay VAT before receiving their packages.