Tattoo ticket

Tattoo ticket

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This listing is for a TATTOO TICKET, a non-exclusive license to use an Isabelle Melançon illustration as the design of a personal tattoo. Essentially - you pick one illustration, pay this fee, and you can get a tattoo of, or inspired by, the art.

Here are the rules.

  • This is NOT a custom tattoo commission. This is for existing work posted online ONLY. This doesn’t grant a tattoo artist the license to propose the tattoo to several clients. This is only for personal tattoos.
  • This gives you a pass for ONE existing piece of art from our comics or social media. Commissioned work is excluded, which will be indicated in the description of the work.
  • The art can be modified by the tattoo artist to apply better or change the colors.
  • This purchase provides a digital download that you can print and present to your tattoo artist to show that consent has been given by the artist.
  • You can download the ticket ONCE. If you have issues downloading it, please email

Thank you so much for respecting the rules and supporting our work!